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Silicone rubber compounds


We produce and design individual, ready-to-use silicone rubber componds for You. Our individualized approach results in very good cooperation with a wide range of clients in Poland and Europe.

The silicone componds we produce can be used in all available processing methods.



Silicone compounds – Applications


  • EXT extrusion


 Extrusion is a continuous production process in which the silicone rubber compound is forced through a die and then vulcanized. The mouthpiece gives the extrudate its shape. The pressure necessary for the proper course of the vulcanization process is generated by the conveying screw, in which the material is homogenized, compressed and vented. 



  • Compression molding CM and TM Transfer Molding



 Compression molding CM is still the most popular method of processing HTV silicones. The silicone rubber compond is processed under the temperature and pressure. The undoubted advantage of this method is the relatively low cost of production implementation and the possibility of producing short series.

 TM Transfer Molding is a manufacturing process in which vulcanized material is forced into a mold. Transfer molding differs from extrusion vulcanization in that the mold is closed. Compared to injection molding, transfer molding uses higher pressures to fill the mold cavity evenly. Moreover, unlike injection molding, the vulcanized material in the transfer mold can start the process as a solid. This can reduce hardware costs and time dependency.



  • Injection Molding INJ



Injection molding is the most efficient process for high-volume production of products that must meet stringent requirements for consistently high quality. It is characterized by high dimensional accuracy, the manufactured parts are of high quality, without the need for manual post-processing. The injection method also allows much shorter production cycles than other (CM / TM) processes. The disadvantages are the higher costs of molds and machines, although they are compensated by high efficiency. Injection molding is recommended for the production of small and medium-sized parts in large production series.



We produce silicone compounds in many variants:


  • Technical silicone compounds with high physical and mechanical parameters, after appropriate thermal treatment, meet the requirements of food standards (FDA, BfR)
  • Silicone compounds with increased resistance to oils, low compression set, not requiring additional heating.
  • Technical silicone compounds with high physical and mechanical parameters and very good tear resistance, meet the requirements of food standards (FDA, BfR)



We also offer special silicones: 


    • High temperature resistant silicone compounds, tested at + 300◦C for 7 days
    • Silicone compounds dedicated to the production of cables, with high mechanical and electrical parameters, 
    • Silicone mixtures dedicated to the production of ceamizing, fireproof cables, 
    • Electrically conductive silicone compounds with high conductivity and low volume resistivity
    • Silicone compounds resistant to water vapor, at a temperature of 160◦C for a period of 2 months (corresponding to 6 bar pressure)
    • Silicone compounds dedicated to the production of hoses (eg turbo hoses), with a very high green strength, 
    • Platinum silicone compounds, also in special version, such as electrically conductive platinum silicone compounds.
    • Silicone rubber compound containing 70% magnetite
    • And many others… 🙂

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