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POWERSIL® Silicone



The POWERSIL® product line is a broad portfolio of specialized silicones for power transmission and distribution. It also includes silicone fluids for transformers and special silicone pastes.


All POWERSIL® products meet the safety, quality and reliability requirements of a variety of applications. POWERSIL® rubber grades confer lasting water repellency, resistance to leakage currents and erosion, and good low-temperature flexibility. This makes them ideal for harsh climates found in coastal and desert regions.



  • POWERSIL® silicone rubber grades and POWERSIL® insulation coatings


POWERSIL® silicone rubber and POWERSIL® insulating coatings are 1- and 2-component silicone compounds. The rubbers cure at either ambient or elevated temperature in accordance with how they are processed. For this purpose, conventional methods are used, such as spraying (silicone coatings), compression molding, injection, low pressure mold filling (LPMF) and extrusion. These silicones are used in the production of:


  • Insulators
  • Surge arresters and bushings
  • Connectors, couplings and cable terminals



Products POWERSIL® – Applications:


  • HTV Silicone


  • a wide range of products for various processing technologies, such as injection molding and extrusion.
  • excellent electrical insulation is a basic property. However, there are several grades in the POWERSIL® product range that have been modified to be electrically conductive
  • Huge selection of modification options with regard to curing process, color and other properties



  • LSR Silicone


  • a comprehensive product portfolio, incl. electrically conductive silicones
  • with excellent mechanical properties
  • High potential for new developments and modifications



  • RTV Silicone – RTV-1 (especially coatings)


  • Hydrophobic coatings transferring hydrophobic properties to adjacent layers
  • Adhesion to most substrates


  • RTV-2 (especially cable accessories)


  • Good electrical properties
  • Good mechanical properties
  • Simple production technology



  • POWERSIL® Transformer Fluid


POWERSIL® transformer fluid is a very pure liquid with excellent dielectric properties, very good long-term thermal stability and an extremely high ignition point. POWERSIL® fluid is used as coolant and dielectric fluid in transformers.



  • POWERSIL® Paste AP


POWERSIL® Paste AP combines the excellent dielectric properties of silicone paste with excellent lubrication. It also causes very little swelling in contact with silicone elastomers. The pastes serve as slip-on aids for cable accessories.


POWERSIL® 600 A / B is an additive, two-component RTV-2 silicone that cures at room temperature to form soft products with high mechanical strength.




  • Castable RTV-2 silicone
  • ready-to-use, two-component system
  • very easy to process due to its low viscosity
  • excellent dielectric properties
  • very well suited for outdoor applications (resistance to UV radiation and weather conditions, cellent hydrophobic properties)




  • Arreters
  • Cable accessories
  • Insulators
  • Prototyping



Our recommendations:



is a one-component silicone (RTV-1) dispersion that cures to form a durable high voltage insulator coating with very good electrical properties.




  • very good resistance to weather conditions
  • outstanding tracking resistance 
  • adhesion without primer to most substrates
  • excellent hydrophobicity behavior
  • ready to use


Application and intended use:


  • Protective silicone coating for porcelain, glass and epoxy insulators as well as other high voltage insulation devices where surface contamination causes service problems.




is a two-component silicone with a especially low viscosity and excellent processing properties. It has good mechanical properties as well as excellent dielectric properties.




  • ready-to-use, two-component system
  • extremely low viscosity as a liquid rubber
  • excellent processing with suitable mixing and dosing equipment (low pressure mold filling)
  • excellent dielectric properties
  • best suited for outdoor applications (resistance to UV radiation and weather conditions, excellent water hydrophobic properties)


Application and intended use:


  • Arreters
  • Cable accessories
  • Electrical Insulators Industry


With the right mixing and dosing equipment, the POWERSIL® XLR® 630 A / B is the best choice for the cost-effective production of large articles such as hollow core insulators. Due to its extremely low viscosity, it is not necessary to use expensive injection vulcanization equipment, but of course it is also possible.


Due to its unique electrical properties, POWERSIL® XLR® 630 A / B is an insulating material for both indoor and outdoor use.



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